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We’ve helped our clients win nearly half a billion dollars in recovery payments. 

Our consultations are always free, and we won’t collect any fees unless you win money.


When a driver fails to follow the rules of the road, he or she can threaten the life and well-being of other drivers and passengers.


When you buy an insurance policy, it is a contract between you and the insurer stating that the insurer will provide specified compensation to you if disaster strikes.


The malpractice attorneys at The Hershewe Law Firm have the skills, resources, and experience necessary to aggressively pursue the most challenging malpractice and win the justice that you and your family deserve.


Our trucking accident lawyers fight hard for the justice and the compensation you deserve.


Each state has a workers’ compensation system that will usually provide benefits to an injured employee no matter who was at fault in the accident.


The loss of a family member is one of the worst tragedies anyone can face.


When you or a family member suffers injury through the careless acts of another person or business entity, the law gives you the right to pursue damages.

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