Insurance Law

When you buy an insurance policy, it is a contract between you and the insurer stating that the insurer will provide specified compensation to you if disaster strikes. But all too often, insurance companies try to weasel out of their end of the deal.

Because insurance companies generally have teams of attorneys on standby, it is important that you too have an attorney who will fight for your interest, to help you win insurance recovery.

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What Is Insurance Law?

People buy insurance policies to pay them in case of a loss. That can be a loss of a home by fire, medical injuries in a car accident, loss of valuable property due to theft or other natural disaster, loss of a loved one, and even injury or sickness, as in the case of health insurance.

When someone purchases insurance, they are forming a legal contract with that insurance company. Often, the insurance company has used special language in that contract so the law will look at the contract and interpret it in a certain way – many times this works in favor of the insurance company rather than the insured person.

“Insurance law” is the body of state statutes and published court opinions that interpret contracts of insurance. At the Hershewe Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in Insurance Law, as well as dealing with insurance companies and fighting for clients to get what they were promised by the insurance company.

Insurance laws vary widely between states. Missouri and Arkansas may require one interpretation of an insurance contract, while Kansas and Oklahoma would say it means the opposite. Because of the complexity of the laws and the differences between the states, you need to speak with an attorney who is experienced in analyzing and arguing against the insurance companies to get you the coverage you purchased. Contact us today to discuss your insurance claim.

What Should You Do If You Have An Insurance Claim?

If you think you may need to make one of the above claims, or another insurance claim, call our office immediately. The State of Missouri has strict deadlines for when you can bring your claim. In other words, if you do not bring your claim within a certain amount of time, it will be forever barred.

Without an attorney, insurance companies may try to cut corners and get away with paying as little money as possible when you make a claim. Our team of attorneys works with insurance companies and insurance adjusters on a daily basis. We stick up for our clients and fight hard to make sure their interests are protected. If you have an insurance dispute, please call the insurance attorneys at the Hershewe Law Firm or contact us today.

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