Auto Accident

When a driver fails to follow the rules of the road, he or she can threaten the life and well-being of other drivers and passengers. Federal and State governments created laws and regulations that try to keep traffic moving smoothly and keep drivers safe.

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Trucking Collisions

Unfortunately, trucking companies and drivers may try to cut corners to get a load to its destination on time, including hauling too long without sleep or failing to take time to properly maintain the truck and trailer. Drivers may talk on their cell phones or text, taking their attention away from the safe operation of the vehicle. Drivers may drink alcohol or take recreational or prescription drugs that impair their judgment, reaction time, and ability to maneuver a car or truck safely. And when a tractor-trailer, also known as a semi-truck or big rig, is involved in a wreck, the damage to a smaller car is almost always devastating.

When a driver fails to follow the rules of the road and someone is injured or killed, that driver and their company can be held responsible under the law. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a negligent driver or negligent trucking company, get the advice of an experienced trucking litigation attorney. Our lawyers know how to investigate and litigate semi-truck accidents in order to get you the recovery you deserve. You need the advice of a truck accident lawyer with experience and success bringing lawsuits against transportation companies, insurance companies, and truck drivers for clients injured or killed in truck accidents, including complicated chain reaction crashes. At the Hershewe Law Firm, P.C., our truck accident lawyers help people get the compensation they need and deserve when a commercial truck causes a motor vehicle accident.

For more specific information about federal regulations on truck drivers and transportation companies, you can view the Federal Motor Carrier Safety guidelines and other information at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s website.


Car Collisions

Thousands of car crashes occur in the United States every day. Drunk driving is a growing problem, along with drivers who are distracted by texting or talking on their cell phones. Those drivers owe you and your family the highest duty of care when operating their vehicles on the road. When they don’t follow the law, car crashes can happen.

If you or a loved one is involved in a car crash, the event can change your life in seconds. Auto accidents can cause injuries that range from simple bruises and whiplash to broken bone injuries, paralysis, or even death.

When you have an auto injury, you may be entitled to recover damages associated with medical bills, time you have missed from work, personal expenses, pain and suffering, and even damages you could incur in the future. Our personal injury attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you understand your rights against the truck driver, drunk driver, or negligent driver who caused the accident and caused your injuries.

Our car accident lawyers have the legal expertise, professional staff, and resources to thoroughly investigate your accident and counsel you throughout the process. Contact us today at 417-999-9999 for a free consultation with an attorney.

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