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What To Do After A Workplace Injury

When someone develops a work-related injury, workers’ compensation should provide the employee with certain benefits. To receive workers’ compensation, the worker must follow set procedures. If any of these procedures are missed, the individual may be barred from getting care and treatment under workers’ compensation. Because of this, many people hire a workplace injury attorney so that they can quickly get all their documents in order. The Hershewe Law Firm specializes in work place injury.

Get Medical Treatment

The first step someone should do after a workplace accident or injury is to get medical treatment. It is important to go to a provider who has been authorized by the Worker’s Compensation Board. The only exception is if the worker is dealing with an emergency situation. The employee’s company or workers’ compensation insurance carrier may also require workers to get medication and tests from certain pharmacies or diagnostic clinics.

All of these medical services should be paid by the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier. The only exception is if the employer or the insurance carrier disputes the case. Medical providers may also ask the injured worker to sign forms that show the employee agrees to cover the medical bills if workers’ compensation refuses to cover them.

Notify Supervisors

Other than getting immediate medical care, employees should also tell their supervisors about the injury. This should happen as soon as possible after the injury occurs. If the employee does not inform their employer about the injury, they may lose access to workers’ compensation benefits.

The only exception is when the injury involves an occupational disease. For example, a worker may develop an injury from repetitive use of their hands that leads to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or a worker who stands on concrete all day – day in and day out – for 20 years may have significant occupational disease in their back, legs or feet.

Complete a Workers’ Compensation Form

Employees will need to complete forms to receive workers’ compensation. Other than getting medical benefits, many employees are entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits. They may also qualify for permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits.

If the worker does not receive all the benefits that they ought to, workers have a right to consult with a workplace injury attorney. The Hershewe Law Firm specializes in workplace injury.

Taking the right steps after a work-related injury can help workers get the compensation they deserve. The following steps are important if workers want their employer to cover the costs associated with their injury.

  • Get medical care right away.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions in order to recover quickly.
  • Talk to a lawyer at The Hershewe Law Firm

When Is a Workplace Injury Lawyer Necessary?

If the worker is engaged in a dispute with the insurance company, The Hershewe Law Firm can help them gather evidence and challenge the insurance company in court. The Hershewe Law Firm can handle things like getting independent medical examinations, finding expert witnesses, and taking depositions. The Hershewe Law Firm will fight for your rights against the company and its lawyers.

People may also need a The Hershewe Law Firm if they are struggling to get the treatment they need because the insurer is denying expensive medical treatments. Preexisting conditions can complicate cases.

Do Workers Need a Lawyer to Help Their Case?

It is generally a good idea to seek out legal representation after being injured on the job.

A workplace injury lawyer knows about the legal requirements workers face as they file for compensation. If an employer tries to deny the worker’s claim, a lawyer can help the worker seek justice. After an injury, many workers are burdened by medical bills, pain, and other difficulties. Paying attention to legal requirements and due dates is difficult for injured workers. With the help of a lawyer, workers can streamline the process ahead of them and make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

If you have been injured in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Arkansas, Hershewe Law can help. Contact us whenever you need us so that you get the honest, caring service you deserve. Since 1977, residents throughout the four-state area and across the nation have trusted us with their workplace injury claims. Our service-oriented team offers FREE consultations, so you can quickly learn how we can help your case.

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