Your Text Can Wait

Texting while driving can be something that seems harmless. After all, you and your friends have already done it hundreds of times and not crashed. It only takes a few seconds of distracted driving to change your life forever. Texting while driving is not worth the risk.

If you are the driver, put your phone away, so you are not tempted to look at it while you are operating the vehicle. If you are a passenger, encourage the driver to put down the phone while driving – even if that means you have to read a text to the driver and respond. If you know a friend of yours or a family member is driving, wait before sending them a text message.

Even though you have no control over whether the driver chooses to look at the text, the video shows the amount of guilt and responsibility you can have when someone is hurt or killed while reading or responding to a text you sent them.

Be safe and watch the road!

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